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Dana will do this for the dance, but with FIRE!

Sister Cait! Wowza!

Bennie's trying to tell me to ditch those slippers. Sorry, Vicki.


  • Boogie Shoes2:12

Kiddie Litters critique group!

Busta moooove!

Not enough O's in SMOOOOOTH! Leonard and two young men show us how it's done.

¡Manny and Abuela Maria!

If Dana can do it, you can do it!


Anait's Backyard Boogie!

Last year we cleared $22,000. Let's beat that!

Stayin' Alive with Sean Donovan of Gator Boy Productions and Northwest Dance Network!

What moves do YOU have?

David's a Brick House!

Jitterbug Jason!

Gary, the human ice shaker!

Leslie Faris shaken' it with Curly Taylor at Hwy 99!

Wait, are those lights?

Spin it, Sue!

Dance Party at Star of Hope!

The girls of Star of Hope dance at the Ten Year Celebration last year.

Send us short, 10-30 second vids of your smoothest moves and we'll post them! Email Dana or post directly to our Facebook page TODAY!