Selah Brown
Selah was a founding member of Star of Hope in 2009 and it changed her life. Motivated by the passion she felt working with Star of Hope, Selah quit her 20-year job at a law firm to follow her heart into the world of nonprofit. She is the Program Administrative Manager at the Central Area Senior Center and will be graduating from the UW Fundraising Management program in June and is excited to use what she's learning to expand and engage the SoH donor base. She's thrilled with the new Development Committee and welcomes them to the Team!

Jill Rogers
Jill  has worked with young adults with disabilities in the Seattle area for over 20 years. She runs a large Arts program, owns a care giving agency and has several group homes for this population. She has sponsored several children the last few years at Star of Hope and looks forward to helping get more sponsors and increase fundraising efforts.

Angela Posenke
Angela has been involved with  Star of Hope for 6 years.  She and her family visited  Star of Hope in 2017 where they played with the kids, met the teachers, Leonard and Gladwell and saw all the amazing things that the  Star of Hope sponsors have achieved through fundraising efforts. Her family sponsors Princess Sarian.

Cecilia Posenke
Cecilia has been involved with  Star of Hope since 2013.  She is currently a sophomore at Holy Names Academy. You may have seen her at the annual dance fundraiser selling jewelry to raise money for  Star of Hope. Cecilia visited  Star of Hope in 2017 and had a lot of fun playing ball and jumping rope with the kids and doing art projects with them to auction off at the annual fundraiser.  She was especially pleased to play with Princess!  

Beth Hartman
Beth joined our Board because the interest and passion of her friends Angela Posenke, Cecilia Posenke and Jill Rogers intrigued her.  She brings over 20 years of non-profit fundraising experience to her role at as Director of Life Enrichment at Columbia Lutheran Home.  She is honored to serve a different segment of the population and the world.

Carolyne Simi
Carolyne is the founder of a company called Your Project Planner that helps small and medium sized businesses strengthen their Operation so they can achieve their growth goals. She does that by creating the processes and procedures that allow the back office team to take ownership of their side of the business. Although she lived away for many years, she's a Seattle native and am happy to be back in her hometown.  

Star of Hope Development Committee