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Star of Hope Ten Year Anniversary Celebration

Who is Star of Hope?

Your Donations in Action!

10 years ago, Mildred Naliaka’s mother was long-gone when her father died of alcohol and drug abuse. Mildred was taken in by a good-hearted woman who owned an illegal distillery, but who couldn’t really care for her. Mildred had to sleep on the ground outside the bar in a nest of old blankets. Throughout the night she was exposed to drunk men, coming and going. Learning about this precarious situation, Leonard, Director of Star of Hope, took Mildred in as one of the early residents of Star of Hope. She is now a happy, thriving little girl, all because of donors like you!

Star of Hope Children’s Centre is located in Bungoma County, Kenya (near the border of Uganda). Star of Hope provides a safe, loving home for 30 vulnerable children who lost their parents to HIV/AIDS, armed conflict, abandonment, malaria or other diseases; and in addition provides an education and meals to more than 150 village children whose families would otherwise not be able to afford one.

Star of Hope Centre, USA is a non-profit organization that raises money in support of these goals.

Soap and hand sanitizer are beyond many

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people’s means and clean water is scarce. The worst part is the fear and the spread of uncertainty. 

All schools have been told to shut down. We will keep the usual few whose home is Star of Hope. 
It's very difficult to fathom a possible total lockdown because our rural communities live from hand to mouth and they must get out to earn their daily bread through manual labor in the fields and constructions. 

There are no incidences of COVID-19 in our region, and we hope and pray that the relative isolation of the village will help keep our kids safe. And we wish you and yours safety and health as well.

With loving prayers, Leonard Muyelele, 
Executive Director, Star of Hope Centre    
​March 23, 2020

Last week Kenya reported the first seven cases of COVID-19, which has sent chills and panic around the country!

Help us continue to provide an education and meals for 200 needy children! 

If you wish to donate in a loved one’s name, we’ll send them a personalized card. After you’ve made your donation, write to us with the details at starofhope@starofhopecentre.org and we’ll take care of the rest.

Asante sana (thank you very much)  from the whole Star of Hope Family, Leonard and Gladwell and the teachers and staff in Kenya, The USA Board (Vicki, Dana, Selah, Marsha and Bill), and most of all, from the children.

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    ​Star of Hope, 5015 Magnolia Street, Port Townsend, WA 98368
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Your dollars go SO far!​​ What will your Angel gift provide?  

Giving Angel $25 to $185
Provides grains, vegetables and protein for the 200 meals served each day.

Education Angel  $250
Covers tuition, books and uniform for one student for a year.

Super Angel  $500
Covers the schooling cost for of two children for a year.

Arch Angel  $1,000
Covers the salary for one teacher for a year.

A lot or a little, every cent you send will directly support these beautiful children!