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Star of Hope Ten Year Anniversary Celebration

Who is Star of Hope?

Your Donations in Action!

As an infant Abuid Wekesa’s teenage mother abandoned him to his grandparents and disappeared. His grandparents struggled daily to earn enough to provide meager food and a roof for him. 
At age four, when he became one of the first children taken in by Star of Hope, he was a frail and sad little boy. Now, 10 years later, through hard work and a thirst for knowledge, Abuid just graduated 
third in his region for 8th grade high school entrance exams! Beyond his grandparent’s wildest dreams,
he is looking forward to high school next year.
Without you, this dream would never have been in reach.

Star of Hope Children’s Centre is located in Bungoma County, Kenya (near the border of Uganda). Star of Hope provides a safe, loving home for 30 vulnerable children who lost their parents to HIV/AIDS, armed conflict, abandonment, malaria or other diseases; and in addition provides an education and meals to more than 150 village children whose families would otherwise not be able to afford one.

Star of Hope Centre, USA is a non-profit organization that raises money in support of these goals.

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Your dollars go SO far!  Some examples: 

$25 to $100
Provides grains, vegetables and protein for the 200 meals served each day.

Covers tuition, books and uniform for 1 student for a year.

Covers the schooling cost for 1 student AND the salary of 1 teacher for a year.

Covers the yearly schooling costs for 2 students AND the salary for 2 teachers for a year.
Surprise us – every cent you send will go directly to support these beautiful children!

Can we continue to provide an education and meals for 200 needy children? Can you help provide a chance for them too?

If you wish to donate in a loved one’s name, we’ll send them a personalized holiday card. After you’ve made your donation, write to us with the details at starofhope@starofhopecentre.org and we’ll take care of the rest.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from the whole Star of Hope Family, Leonard and Gladwell and the teachers and staff in Kenya, The USA Board (Vicki, Dana, Selah, Marsha and Bill), and most of all, from the children.

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    ​Star of Hope, 5015 Magnolia Street, Port Townsend, WA 98368
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