Star of Hope Centre was originally developed as an orphanage for children who have lost their parents through the rise of HIV/AIDs, armed conflict, malaria and other diseases or, have been abandoned by teenage parents unable to care for them. The Star of Hope Centre mission has expanded to include a primary school to the local community currently offering three levels of 
Pre-School and Grades 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. The school provides education to the children of a rural village near Bungoma, on the border of Kenya and Uganda. It currently serves approximately 150 children (including those residing in the orphanage).

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Many of you have asked about sending cool stuff to the school and the kids. Here is your opportunity!

The “Boxes to Bungoma” campaign has launched!!!! With your help, we will send as many boxes of school supplies, first aid kits, books and toys as we can fit on a ship. The campaign runs until May 31.

Click here to learn more and join in!

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Our Mission: Create a safe and loving environment that allows the children of 
Star of Hope to prosper in childhood, and into adulthood.

Star of Hope USA
Vicki Legman, Dana Sullivan, Selah Brown, Marsha Donaldson, Bill Ferris
11738 SE 78th Pl. Newcastle, WA 98056

Star of Hope Kenya
Leonard Muyelele, Exec. Dir.
P.O. Box 2307 Bungoma 50200 Kenya - East Africa