Who is Star of Hope?

Star of Hope Children’s Centre is located in Bungoma County, Kenya (near the border of Uganda). Star of Hope provides a safe, loving home for 30 vulnerable children who lost their parents to HIV/AIDS, armed conflict, abandonment, malaria or other diseases; and in addition provides an education and meals to more than 150 village children whose families would otherwise not be able to afford one.

Star of Hope Centre, USA is a non-profit organization that raises money in support of these goals.

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Star of Hope has grown to 200 students in classes from Pre-K to 8th grade.
​Please help us continue providing these students the best education in the Bungoma region. 

100% of proceeds support the kids!

Wow, what a great way to end a great year! Thank you to all who made this our most successful Holiday Ask ever! You donated over $9,000! Those dollars will keep the school running and the kids healthy and prospering.

We, at Star of Hope USA and Kenya, are deeply touched by your generosity.

Thank you so much.

Message from Leonard
"The kids have been in a good state of health. We had some good rains, so we were able to grow lots of vegetables and herbs. The political atmosphere kept us a little on edge forcing early ending of academic programs. We are grateful for your caring and support."

Thank you for any amount you can give.  

Your dollars go such a long way in Kenya 
$100 feeds three students for a month. $15 buys a new pair of shoes,
$185 covers a year's tuition for one student. 
Thanks for whatever you can give.

Some of Our Proud Accomplishments for 2018:

  • Your donations provided another year of education for over 180 kids,
  • 30 of whom make their home at the Centre.
  • This fall we had our first 12 kids study for their highs school exams (they grow up so fast) and every one of them passed with flying colors.
  • A testament to their hard work and to the excellence of a Star of Hope education. 
  • We built a greenhouse and harvested fresh produce to help the children thrive.
  • We built a sports field because books alone are not enough.
  • We brought Leonard to Seattle for our annual Dancing for the Stars!