Photo: Nora J. Percival, Kenya Health Education Ministry

Covers the salary for one teacher for a year.

Covers tuition, books and uniform for one student for a year.

Whoever imagined 2021 could be even harder than 2020? Sadly, this year, most village families have been touched by at least one COVID death, and lack of employment is causing further economic hardship.
However, because of YOUR generosity, Star of Hope is helping the entire village meet this ongoing challenge. We are relieved and happy to report that no staff or children have fallen ill from COVID. The preventive measures (and some very good luck) are paying off! Thank you. Thank you!

Provides grains, vegetables and protein for the 200 meals served each day.

Surprise us – every cent you send directly supports these beautiful children!

Our sincerest wishes for joy, peace and health, to you and yours,
Leonard and Gladwell and the teachers and staff in Kenya, 
The USA Board (Vicki, Dana, Marsha and Bill), and most of all,
​from the children.

Dearest Friends and Partners,
Over twelve years ago, when we started, I could not have imaged everything we would accomplish. Through your consistent and faithful support, we have not only helped the most vulnerable children in our community, we have transformed the village! 
In addition to 18 employees at the school, we have provided employment and spurred a micro economy that supports seamstresses, carpenters, laborers and trades people. When we began, our village languished, literally, in the dark and without reliable or safe water. The village is so proud of the electricity, wells and piped-in water which we’ve brought to the school. 
During drought, we share what we can with others. We also provide more than 200 children with meals 6 days a week. The cost is only 15 cents (yes, cents) per child, per day, but that is money many of the families don’t have (especially with the hardships of the COVID economy). 
Education. Food. A loving environment. Employment for village adults. Star of Hope has become a beacon of hope for the village. You made it happen and with your help, we’ll keep making it happen!
Leonard Muyelele, Executive Director

Covers the schooling cost for two children for a year.  
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