Marsha, Vicki and Selah, 2011

Dorm room, complete with mosquito nets

the REAL Kay Kay, painting one of his many murals at Star of Hope

Leonard in Seattle, 2013

New classroom exterior

Handwashing station

Marsha and Karen, 2014

Locally built playground equipment

Star of Hope Centre USA
5015 Magnolia Street, Port Townsend, WA 98368 

501(c)3 Tax ID: #45-3605509

Esther's house (library and reading room)

Thanks to inspiring teacher Sandi Martin and her students at Herbert Slater Middle School in Santa Rosa, CA, for raising the funds to build the mill house and purchase the posho mill!


  • Build 3 Classroom Blocks – housing Grades Pre-School thru 8th (#1 in 2011, #2 in 2013, #3 in 2015)
  • Build a Kitchen and Dining Hall (2012)
  • Build a Dormitory – sleeps 30 students + 1 Caregiver (2013)
  • Build a new latrine block, shower area and hand washing stations (2014)
  • Make improvements to the existing Guest House (to accommodate visitors) (2014)
  • Make improvements to Esther’s House (as a library & meeting room) (2016)

Other Milestones

  • Board members, Vicki, Dana, Selah & Marsha visit Star of Hope (2011)
  • Star of Hope Executive Director, Leonard visits Seattle (2013)
  • Board member, Dana writes & illustrates the book “Kay Kay’s Alphabet Safari” - proceeds go to Star of Hope (2013
  • Board member, Marsha & Education Angel, Karen visit Star of Hope (2014)
  • Star of Hope Executive Director, Leonard visits Seattle (2018)

Boxes to Bungoma arrive

New classroom interior

Once the mill house was completed, Kay Kay painted the sign and installed the mill, supervised by the kids, of course. The mill is now up and running!


  • Utilize “LifeStraw” - water purification device (2011)
  • Purchase Desks, Tables & Benches for Classrooms (2011, 2013 & 2015)
  • Provide Mosquito Nets for the Dormitory (2012 & 2014)
  • Install a Water Capture & Storage System (2012)
  • Purchase 2 ultra-efficient wood burning stoves (2013)
  • Acquire locally built playground equipment – swings & slides (2014)
  • Install an underground water well –provides access to safe drinking water year-round (2014)
  • Wire buildings in preparation for connecting to electricity (2014)
  • Mitigate flooding around buildings with a drainage project (2015)
  • Complete the Perimeter Fence and utilize Security Guards for additional security (2016)
  • Purchase Diesel Generator for electricity & lights (2016)
  • Purchase 3 Burner Electric Stove (to replace wood burning stoves) (2016)


  • Build a Mill House and install a Posho Mill to grind corn into meal for both SoH and and villagers as a source of income (March, 2018)

Lights on!

Water pump for well

LifeStraw water purifier

Kay Kay's Alphabet Safari, written and illustrated by Dana J. Sullivan and published by Sleeping Bear Press in 2014. 10% of proceeds go to Star of Hope. You can buy a signed copy to be shipped to you or as a gift to a loved one for $15. Click here to find out how.

Marsha, Selah and Leonard at Star of Hope, 2011

Diesel generator for limited electricity


  • Purchase a car for Star of Hope (2012)
  • Ship 2 Cargo Bikes to Star of Hope (2015)

Student Support

  • Annually provide funds for student clothes, uniforms, shoes and meals (2009 – on-going)
  • Financial support provided for a student’s medical emergency (2010)
  • Education Angel program started to support teachers, books, and school supplies (2010 – on-going – 60 Stars currently)
  • Ship supplies & books as part of “Boxes to Bungoma” project (2016)


Leonard, Kyle and dad Dana, 2011

Dining hall

New uniforms

Guest house

New desks