Happy and Hopeful Spring to you and yours from the whole
Star of Hope Family,
Leonard, Gladwell, the teachers and staff in Kenya, the USA Board
(Vicki, Dana, Marsha and Bill), and most of all, the children.

Water Tank Wonder!
Thanks to a grant from the Rotary Club of Roseville, California, for two large capacity water tanks, Star of Hope is achieving a higher level of water security! 

Star of Hope’s original source of water was a nearby stream subject to drought conditions and contamination. Thanks to YOU, over the last 13 years, access to water for Star of Hope Centre has improved. Your donations supported the boring of a pair of wells along with a mechanical pump to provide direct access to water. More recently, Star of Hope (and the village) was connected to the local water utility providing piped water directly.

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.”  – W.H. Auden
Thanks to you, and the Rotary Club of Roseville, these kids abundantly receive both!

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Want to give even more to the kids at Star of Hope without opening your wallet? If you and your friends “do” Facebook, please consider a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser.

Longtime supporter Margot Richardson’s recently gave the kids of Star of Hope a Facebook birthday gift of almost $700! Says Margot, “This was the easiest fundraiser I’ve ever done, and mighty uplifting for everybody involved. What a joyous way to celebrate another year of life!”
It’s easy and powerful. Click here for instructions. And happy birthday!
PS. If you need tech help, Board Member Dana Sullivan
DanaJSullivan@comcast.net, will be happy to help you.

Nowhere to Turn
A few years back we told you the story of then 7-year-old David Wepukhulu. His mother and father had gotten into a drunken fight, and she almost killed the father in a violent machete attack. She went on the run, permanently abandoning her three children. David and his two siblings bounced around the homes of neighbors, who could not afford to care for them, until finally, malnourished and with multiple skin diseases, they were brought to Star of Hope.

It took a while for them to heal and settle in, but now, three years later, they are all healthy and happy to be at Star of Hope. David is in Grade 5. Without your donations supporting Star of Hope, David and his sibs would have had nowhere to go!​

April 2022 Newsletter

However, Star of Hope is still subject to periodic outages due to drought conditions and pipe failures. The Rotary Club grant provides two large capacity water tanks, enabling Star of Hope to store water and weather the drought and other disruptions and provide some much needed water to village residents.