Pharis Wekesa has been at Star of Hope ever since being rescued from cattle herding. He is a child of a single mother who could not take care of him. She left him with a grandfather who, instead of taking him to school, sent him to look after his cattle. Later Pharis came to live at SoH so he could concentrate on his learning and avoid being distracted by errands for his grandfather, who still values his animals more than letting his grandchild go to school.

Not only do we have 180+ children attending primary school, we now have 10 children who, with the aid of their Education Angels (thank you, thank you for doubling the size of your donations!), have moved on to High School this year. And next year 11 more, and the year after that…. Well, you get the drift. We currently have NO funds to see all these children into high school. Nor do we have funds for our biggest dream: expanding Star of Hope to include high school. What’s to be done? Well, our Development Committee's hope, faith, creativity and hard work will supply us with some answers. Stay tuned! ​

Elizabeth Nerea was rescued from destitution. Her teenage parents were involved in a near-fatal brawl that saw her mother slash the dad with a machete and run away to hide from arrest. The dad, although he survived the attack, abandoned little Nerea with an auntie who later introduced her to SoH.

March 2019 Newsletter

Spring is a time of growth and our new Development Committee, led by founding board member Selah Brown, will help Star of Hope meet the ever-growing needs of our children. The committee members bring with them a host of nonprofit and organization skills. Thank you Jill Rogers, Angela Posenke, Beth Hartman, Carolyne Simi, and a special call out for our
youngest volunteer, 15 year-old Cecilia Posenke!
Click here to read their impressive bios.

If you’ve ever wondered why we do what we do for these kids – why YOU do what you do – read on.  For the next few newsletters, we’ll feature some histories about children whose lives have been changed by Star of Hope. Warning, they are deeply disturbing. But they are stories that begin in despair and end with comfort and promise.  

March 2019 Newsletter:

Welcome to Spring!

​Thanks to all of YOU for your support!
​​As we welcome spring and the lengthening of days, we wish you and your families much love, joy and gratitude. With many thanks,
Vicki, Dana, Selah, Marsha and Bill (USA)
Leonard, Gladwell, the staff and
especially the kids (Kenya).​

Dear beloved friends & partners!
It’s been a great year coming around with routine and usual challenges! We have a dozen new village kids added into our Education Angel support system. This is very special, for it ensures that our program has a future with potential to reach even more desperate kids!

It's been an extremely hot and dry season depleting our water reservoirs, however, we have expectations of rain and relief in the month. We have prepared ourselves for planting soonest we start to get some rains! 
(watch a video of plowing in preparation for planting corn)
Thank you for your consistent donations! Your giving has been our lifeline to providing shelter, food and medication, above our educational focus for the kids! Keep on the good job and with your help, we will always prevail over every challenge.
Warmest Regards,
Leonard Muyelele​