We know what a drag it is to get inundated with giveBIG requests. We get too many ourselves. So we promise to NOT do that. This notice in is the only one you will receive from us. 
Yes, we would like to have your donation (in whatever amount) count toward giveBIG and yes, the extra dollars will go a long way in Kenya. However, we know you support Star of Hope when you can and how you can.
If you are interested in participating, please click the link below TODAY! (we know May 10 is the big day, but they're letting us in early!)
UPDATE, May 13: You DID giveBIG! Thanks to you, Star of Hope raised more than $2,000 on giveBIG day! We are overwhelmed with gratitude and thanks!

Spring and Kids Blossom!

Message from Leonard: Great Strides Together!

Featured Star:

Isaac Wenani!

Isaac Wenani, 13, came to Star of Hope at the age of 4. He is one of the very first members of SOH. Abandoned by his parents, he’d been taken in by his grandparents who were living in extreme poverty. They couldn't even provide clothing for him. Isaac arrived dressed in an old, tattered shirt and without pants. His legs were dirty and covered with scales and his toes were bitten by jiggers. Upon arrival Isaac got immediate medical care and clothing. Under the care and love of the SoH staff, Isaac has become a kid full of energy and smiles.
All his education has been at SOH and he is sponsored by Education Angel Selah Brown (our Education Angel program matches one USA adult with one kid to cover the costs of his or her education.) He is currently in Grade 7. His ambition is to become a C.E.O. Whatever he becomes, it will because of the care and love he’s receives from SoH.​

For the first time, we are joining the Seattle Foundation and their giveBIG campaign, which partially matches your donations. So donating a dollar to us, could mean $1.10, $1.25 or more to Star of Hope. Free money!

"Stars to Stars" – They're Back!

Following last year’s super success with the 'Boxes to Bungoma' service learning program, the 7th & 8th grade Leadership class at Herbert Slater Middle School in Santa Rosa, California, along with the loving guidance and creativity of teacher Sandi Martin, will once again run a series of fundraising campaigns to raise money for Star of Hope. Building on last year’s campaign, the young leaders are hoping to raise enough money for a solar generator, as well as to help lay the ground work for our new library and computer lab.

At the end of week one (of four), they have already raised $1045.00!! All of us at Star Hope, Kenya and Seattle, are so grateful for these future leaders and the work they are doing for their global community!

Click this link for the Slater website and scroll down to see SoH!​

​giveBIG to Star of Hope:

Your Chance to giveBIG Now!

Save the Date: July 8

Dancing for the Stars!

Our EIGHTH annual fundraiser at the amazing party house with the fabulous view, live bands (yes, that’s right: BANDS: a rock band to dance to, and on the roof, a duet for easy listening), delicious food, beverages and delightful people. Mark your calendars, tickets at the door. More details as we get closer. 

This party just keeps getting better!

Isaac in 2014 (left) and today (right), looking very grown up.

​A heartfelt THANK YOU for all your support
from Leonard and Gladwell, the teachers, the village and your USA Board: Selah Brown, Marsha Donaldson, Bill Ferris, Dana Sullivan and Vicki Legman.

And especially from the kids. 

Dearest friends &  partners, It's with much pleasure that I write to thank you for helping us come this far.Through your dedicated support our children have been supplied with basic needs and received their much-needed education. Your help not only nurtures the kids, but supports a dedicated staff and the smooth running of our operations. We do want to thank you for lights, water,and reading books, just to mention a few of the great strides we have made together. With your selfless support, we are able to intervene for a generation which would have otherwise missed out in life because of poverty and lack. Thank you and I wish you another month of great benefits obtained from the joy of giving!
Leonard Muyelele, Chief Executive Officer, Star of Hope Centre

Isaac wrote this note three years ago when he was in 4th grade.

May 2017 Newsletter

Raising Money and Spirits:

An Evening With The Beatles!

On April 1, we hosted our first community gathering - a Beatles Tribute band at the C&P Coffee House in West Seattle. It was a great evening with great music, great people and great cheer. If you missed it, No Fears...stay tuned for future events coming to a community near you.​