Joy and Abundant Hope!

Message from Leonard

Centrine in 2013 (left) and today (right), in the classroom.

October 2018 Newsletter

Centrine wrote this note three years ago when she was in 4th grade.

The buildings got a new coat of paint and the foundations were improved. And, thanks to you, the kids got new mattresses in the dorms as well!

In a period past by, we have been able to repair walls, fix broken furniture and afforded fresh paint to our classrooms, all courtesy of your funds. Our kids have enjoyed a steady supply of essentials and thus have felt healthy and in good frame of mind. We thank and wish to assure you that your dollars make an enormous difference to our kids' lives!

With warmest of Regards, Leonard Muyelele,Chief Executive Officer, SOH

Featured Star:

Centrine Nasimiyu!

Centrine Nasimiyu is one of the first residents, coming to live at Star of Hope in 2009, when she was 5. Leonard calls her a “golden girl,” who has steadily improved academically and has good social interactions with her peers. She loves her work at school and continues to show lots of care to other kids.

Leonard writes: “Centrine Nasimiyu is among the pioneering star kids. She lost her dad, who was killed in ethnic violence and she was left in the hands of her jobless mum, who brewed and sold illicit drinks in a small hut where drunken men would stay overnight. We rescued Centrine from risky exposure and ever since she has lived at Star.”

Centrine’s Education Angels are Leia and Willy Ray, who have been supporting the education of Centrine (and Biti Ramadhan!) since we started the Education Angel program in 2010. Centrine is now 13 and in class 7.

​Thanks to all of YOU for your support!
from Leonard and Gladwell, the teachers, the village and your USA Board: Selah Brown, Marsha Donaldson, Bill Ferris, Dana Sullivan and Vicki Legman.

And especially from the kids. 

To our esteemed friends and partners, it offers me another opportunity to thank you and report that your commitment to support us daily adds joy and abundant hope to the kids that we serve!