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Branice came to Star of Hope in 2019 through almost unbelievable adversity. After her mother fled the family and her father died, Branice and her older brother, Dedan, were left truly alone. When ministering at the funeral, Leonard’s wife Gladwell learned of the tragic situation and Star of Hope took them in. Branice has blossomed from an undernourished and withdrawn child into an excellent student who is outgoing, jovial and loving to the other kids. Leonard describes her as “above average and very promising.” Brother Dedan is now in the 8th grade, and thanks to our sister school, Stella’s Stars, he is looking forward to continuing his education into high school.

Both kids occasionally see their mother during school breaks. She lives a very poor life but is glad the children are doing so well, are being fed, and getting a Star of Hope education.

Never doubt, your support of Star of Hope enables children to flourish!

October 2022 Newsletter

Nurse Sarah Nandako inside the new health clinic, which serves students and staff at both Star of Hope and Stella's Stars, and is available to the local community.

Thank you!
Because of you, our donors, we are able to maintain a steady cash flow to cover the monthly operations costs of Star of Hope Centre, while also providing support for our facilities.
Where does the money come from?
We have 3 major fundraising activities each year: Dancing for the Stars (summer); an Annual Holiday Ask (December), and our Education Angel Program – currently 30 donors committed to an annual contribution to support students.
We have also been successful in obtaining several grants over the past 5 years which have allowed us to: build a greenhouse, construct a new dormitory and add water storage tanks. We currently have a grant request pending for the purchase of a van or minivan.
Where does the money go?
The average annual expenditure budget is approximately $50,000. To maintain accountability, we distribute funds to Star of Hope Centre monthly to support teacher and staff stipends; student books and supplies; food; and now medical supplies.
In December we allocate additional funds to provide clothes and shoes to the neediest of the students. Executive Director Leonard Muyelele provides a monthly status report on how things are going at the school and the community along with updates on any ongoing projects. His report is often accompanied by photographs.
How much of the donations go to administrative overhead?
We are proud to say that over 99% of all gift and grant income go directly to support Star of Hope Centre. Our only administrative expenses are related to hosting a website, covering banking fees and minor registrations fees to the State of Washington.
–Bill Ferris, Treasurer, Star of Hope Centre for Children, USA

In partnership with Stella’s Stars High School, we are excited to announce a new health clinic at Star of Hope Centre.

Star of Hope is providing the facility, while Stella’s Stars is paying the nurses salary. Both organizations provide monthly support for medicine and supplies.
With the closest health care facility located over an hour away, this is a significant accomplishment!

Happy and Hopeful Harvest Season to you and yours from the whole
Star of Hope Family,
Leonard, Gladwell, the teachers and staff in Kenya, the USA Board
(Vicki, Dana, Marsha and Bill), and most of all, the children.

Before our affiliate organization, Stella’s Stars, developed a high school, we established a tuition scholarship for Star of Hope students completing primary school (8th grade) in 2018. This December, those 11 students are graduating from area high schools! We are so very proud of all of them. And YOU helped to make this possible!
This year's focus has been on enhancing and maintaining Star of Hope's infrastructure. Projects include: stabilizing water systems and building resiliency by installing storage tanks; conducting repairs to classroom buildings; and upgrading drainage systems and landscaping to help cope during the monsoon season.

Providing your first and last names really helps us keep things straight!