Now: Separate dorms and a dining hall with tables and benches.

Next: A well with a rope
and bucket.

Now: The newly-renovated kitchen has counters and a propane stove.

Then: All the cooking for the school was by wood fire on the floor.

Wishing you a happy, healthy end of summer from the Star of Hope Family, Leonard, Gladwell, the teachers and staff in Kenya,
The USA Board of Vicki, Dana, Marsha and Bill, and most of all,
from the children.

Hello friends and beloved partners!
Once again I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support! Because of you, Star of Hope has managed to thrive, even amidst the pandemic challenges.

The physical security of the children has been enhanced through the building of a brick perimeter wall around the property, but sadly, some of the children are battling recurring medical challenges – the flu and a few have gotten malaria. Happily, we still remain COVID free. Your sustained support allows us to get appropriate treatment for the children and all have pulled through. Most are back in class and we expect the others to follow soon.
Your generosity provides for a quality education and nourishing meals, which are so important to the children and their struggling families. We are forever grateful for your help. Thank YOU!
Yours sincerely, 
Leonard Muyelele
Chief Executive Officer
Star of Hope Centre, Bungoma

Then: A patchy fence surrounded the school.

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September 2021 Newsletter

Now: A sturdy wall protects the kids and tells the world about Star of Hope!

Now: The only
faucet in the village!

With fall approaching, we think it's a good time to take stock of some of the accomplishments your generosity has made possible.

Then: This dirty stream
provided the school's water. 

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Then: The kids slept and ate on the same hard floor in a leaky room.