Oh my, how our children are growing up, and some are studying for their high school entrance exams! This is a right of passage that would not be possible without your generous support. Any education, let alone high school, would have been beyond their dreams. Meet three of our stars in class 8 who are studying for their high school entrance exams in November.

than this event - and we'll have a super special guest, whose name rhymes with Leonard Muyelele! Details to come.

Issac the photographer! Leonard let Issac loose with the iPad camera the other day and the photos of his Star of Hope brothers and sisters are great! Check them out on our Facebook page.

Biti lives in the village with her grandmother, who takes casual jobs at Star of Hope in exchange for Biti’s care. Her mother passed away around 2006 and her father remains unknown. In 2016 Biti began wearing a hijab in accordance with her Muslim faith. She is calm, attentive in class and very dependable. Biti wants to be a teacher.

Another of our original Stars, Shaline has lived at SoH since preschool and has always been very responsible and dependable. She lives at SoH with her brother, Kelvin Wabuke, and loves singing, doing her classwork and helping out with chores at the Centre. Shaline wants to be a nurse.

​Thanks to all of YOU for your support!
from Leonard and Gladwell, the teachers, the village and your USA Board: Selah Brown, Marsha Donaldson, Bill Ferris, Dana Sullivan and Vicki Legman.

And especially from the kids. 

Mark your calendars! Tell your friends!

Spring 2018 Newsletter

Come to this great party and help support the kids while enjoying an amazing rooftop view, two bands, fabulous food and beverages, dancing, and hobnobbing with gorgeous, generous people like you! It doesn’t get better

John is one of our original Stars. He is very close with his brother, Nelson, who also lives at SoH. John loves to be involved with work and helps Leonard with tree planting and other chores. John had a recurring ear problem for years, but that seems to have greatly improved and he has become more confident with himself and other kids. John wants to be a police officer.

First Step Toward Sustainability!

Thanks to the prodigious fundraising abilities of the 7th & 8th grade 2017 Leadership Students at Herbert Slater Middle School in Santa Rosa, CA , we’ve added a posho mill to Star of Hope. What’s a posho mill you ask? It grinds grain. 

A staple of the Kenyan diet is the cornmeal porridge called ugali. In the past, SoH paid to have the corn for ugali ground at a mill in the village. Now, not only will we save that expense, we will be grinding grain for other villagers and generating a monthly income to help support the school.
More sustainability news to come in the next newsletter.
Exciting things are happening!

High School, Here We Come!